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My situation is the reverse. Our management have gone to extreme efforts to keep us all safe. Building is CLOSED. It takes 3 levels of approval before anyone can enter the building. My partner and I have to go in every day to swap out backup tapes. We alternate weeks and have a special exemption. Our management asks us practically every day of we are comfortable doing this, and will exempt us from doing it if necessary. We have to take our temperature before we go in and if it's above 99 we are to inform them. They have provided us with gloves, face masks and disinfectant materials. They really are trying to take care of us.
That's excellent they taking good care of you guys. A lot of folks are losing their jobs. My girlfriends sister and brother-in-law both worked in corporate at Cracker Barrel and just got fired. Even though they are both complete shitheads I still hate it for them.

I think I know who's making the idiotic decisions where I work. #2 in charge, Assistant GM. He is a really nice guy and very appraochable, but talking to him just a few times seriously makes me question his mentality.