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That is a really well written tune. The 2 lead singer's voices work together so well.

The chick in the black has an amazing rack.

I need to be critical about something.
The drummer. Did he just arrive from work? What's with the tie pin.

The bass player has a good sound which sits well in the mix.

The chick in the black has an amazing rack.

Nicely done Geoff, you really added to the song well.
You look like you've really gotten into the creative process well and accented the song with some nice guitar parts.

I would have preferred to hear more of a guitar solo during the bridge, and more cowbell. The song needs more cowbell. Just kidding.

Nice job.

and the chick in the black really does have a nice rack.
I musit agree.
The deummer is a really good, crazy young guy. Lead singer wanted to wear a dress so guys asked if they should be semi formal. I said I'm wearing stage gear it's a fake live video. So drummer asks if he should wear a tie. I said no fuckin way am I wearimg a tie, I don't wear them to funerals or wedding s so for a video?
I even said the day of shooting to ditch the goddammed things. They wore em anyways. Personally I think it's lame as fuck.
I always want more guitar solos. Lucky to get this much in this song. The next ones are more rockin. Producer asked for some fills at end once in studio so I was unprepared. But I like what I came up with melody wise. Simple but effective.

Thanks for the complimemts, I enjoyed adding some flavor to her song. And cowbell would have worked in the bridge. I like cowbell.
And yes Terei does have a nice rack.