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I have a redundancy going on. I basically built my last guitar to replace my LP for my hard rock guitar so I could put some low output pickups in my LP and set it up with alternate tunings for slide, but it turns out my LP kills the new guitar (in spades and I guess I'm not surprised) so now I'm looking for something different for it to make it something I have a use for. Either that or I'm going to use the neck on my regular Tele and sell the body. After spending some time with it I just can't get what I want out of it. I should have gone with my first (gut feeling) idea and got it with a P90 route.

I fucked up...again.. and this one cost me damn near $700. I'm a little sick about it so I haven't said anything, but I'm dippin' into the truth serum tonight and don't mind fessin' up..
Been there my friend. My projects never meet expectations. I enjoy fiddle fuckin around on them anyways.