So boredom got the best of me and I decided to see what I could do with the 1x12 cab I bought for the parts a while back. It has a Eminence Blackheart stock speaker in it but what the hell. The input plate was replaced and lets see what it can do right?

I ended up putting a SM57 and a Sterling ST51 Condenser mic on it at the same time and blended them in Reaper. My Lexicon Reverb is running as well during the recording but I switched it in and out from time to time.

This is using my Dean Mustaine V with the Livewires and the Randall 667. I start on Channel 6 which is super high gain, most controls are at 5 with some variances but nothing below 4 or above 6 on all of them.

Just some chugging and noodling.