Click tracks make it worse for me usually. If I am having trouble with time when recording, I will record a rhythmic and pulsing keyboard drone in the right time signature and have that going in the background. Then lay the basic rhythms down. Ending with the lead. The vocals sometimes go first and I play to them, or last and I sing to the rhythm of the song. Everything is different. Some stuff just doesn't fit with the way my mind works. The odd song I have never been able to feel the proper rhythm and I just leave it eventually. I know one song I used to play they always kept telling me I had the rhythm wrong, but when I played to the recorded song it was fine. I finally got one of the guys to hear it wasn't me...the drummer was playing it wrong and I was just playing to what he was doing. They still blamed it on me though, the drummer couldn't hear the difference, nor could most of the band, but it was glaring to me. Everyone has their own built in metronome I think, but some things just don't compute in all of us.