Ok. Got the Taurus this aft. First thoughts

It is loud. That little bastard even at 7 watt setting gets going at like 2. I couldn't play properly yet with the boss at home.
I noodled with yhe settings it has a nice thick distortion on lead channel but EQ is very responsive so with a bit extra presence it really cuts.
I'm going to actually AB it with the Code and the 6101. I do not expect it to hold up to the tube ampw rather, sound decent compared to them. I'm betting it will kick the Codes ass tonally as I always seem to be fighting the EQ on Code.

The Booust control really pushes up the volume and adds gain. Very effective. Clean channel seems ok, I rarely use clean. There is a gain button on back to increas it so you can go from classic with gain on 6 or so to raunchy old metal just by switching that on.

All told a great backup, practice with the group through the little 6912 and dare I say, for one of the 2 small venues we play.

Will do a proper review after I get to actually use it.
Glad I got it instead of the Bluguitar!!