Bush 41 was a great president.
He certainly deserved the send off he got.

My problem is that I remember what he did (and didn't do).
I remember him all the way back to Nixons reign when he was Ambassador.
His prowess for World Policy was great and I admired him for that.

But that was about the only thing.
He was a great family man and was wise about world-wide stuff, but he was clueless about everything else.
He knew nothing about the working man, and the struggles of real people.
He was totally out of touch, merely a fugurehead for a greedy Texas family.

I have a t-shirt with his caricature that states 'I've been BushWhacked'
His deal to inflict NAFTA upon us killed our economy for decades, and allowed rich corporations to thrive despite the needs of the working people.
He failed in the Gulf War to eliminate Hussein and didn't do a thing to lower the price of gas here in the States.
He reneged on a 1988 campaign promise for 'NO NEW TAXES' and his approval rating dropped lower than Trumps.
Ross Perot made a fool of him on stage in the election debates, and lost the election to Clinton.
(he also ran in 1970 but lost the primary to Regan who made him VP)

While he was a great man in many ways, he was mostly a failure and this fact was ignored just because he died.