Now that I've got a phone that takes 4K video that is amazing...I was wanting to do music videos with it. In the past I have recorded the song, then played to it while filming, and then just matched up the audio to the video later. That works fine if I am doing a whole song, but occasionally I like to just record live. Does anyone do this? My mixer has USB, but it is not compatible with the phone as it won't work without a driver. I confirmed this with Yamaha. I asked them what else I could do to, but all they did is send adds for other devices that are compatible with the phone.

I've watched a bunch of videos on it and I have both the lines out and XLR out so I can use that. But the phone input has to be a TRRS jack, and not just a TRS jack...and that is where I am having problems finding an adapter. I found this, but it's awful pricey. Any other ideas, or has anyone done this?