Of course it's always in the last place you look. Once you find it, you stop looing.

Anyway...when shit like that happens, thank the Ghost. Our house Ghost does that all the time. You will be looking for something you know you put somewhere and can't find it. You turn away for a second, and when you turn back around...there it is. In exactly the place you were looking. Or, it will be in a place you know you couldn't have put it. I was looking for a dumb glass/water bottle last week and it was nowhere. I knew I had put it in a cupboard, but it wasn't there. My wife swore she never moved it. Yesterday when I was clearing a corner for the new amp in my room, there it was. Sitting there behind the voxguard on the floor. That's odd enough as I know I didn't put it there...but it was back in the original box and wrapping too. I know I had taken it out.