The RME Fireface UFX is set up in my studio as of a few days ago and the learning curve is steep and the process hasn't been a smooth one. I will start out to say that the interface sounds incredible by itself.

I now have my three inputs dialed in, the Vox table top processor, the Peavey 6505mh direct in, and the Crate BV120 running into the Isocab and the SM58. When I had everything into my SoundCraft mixer going into my DAW, it sounded decent, but the Vox was just noisy as hell and lifeless. Through the Fireface, holy hell the Vox sounds awesome.

I am having an issue with the built in Reverb and Echo/Delay effects and the company is trying to resolve them via their Forum. Both of these are either nothing but crackling sounds, or they peg the output with White noise almost instantly. It's not a deal breaker, as my DAW has all those effects and then some. Weird thing is, the EQ and Dynamics effects work flawlessly. I would think that they are all part of the same DSP chipset.

I had to chase down one issue last night while routing my signals into the DAW. I realized that the EQ and Dynamics set for the channels were not getting through to the DAW. It was like the signal to the DAW was being routed post-slider, pre EQ bus, and I couldn't figure it out. I spent almost two hours routing and rerouting signals to try to figure it out. Turns out, it was a check box in the setup menu, that only read, "DSP EQ+D" Nothing else, no descriptors and not even in a section that I would even think of looking into before. I clicked in desperation, and WHAM, there it was. So now that's resolved, the Vox sounds fucking incredible!

I'll post up some sound bites a little later this week. Maybe this weekend.