My POS keyboard acted up again this morning. After it worked great a few days ago, and has been working fine for the last three months, it glitched again. I'm so pissed at this thing.

I just got off the phone with Sweetwater and they are going to take it back, even though I got rid of the box, and will give me an exchange for something else. When it first fucked up back in September, I spent an entire day on tech support trying to fix the problem. Even spent three hours on the phone with Apple and their Garageband techs. I ended up wiping my Garageband completely off and reloading it, and it still didn't fix the issue.

The only way I got it to work was to create a new Mac user account and for some reason it worked fine on the new account. This morning, this new account now has issues. I'm not going to create a third user account just for this POS.

So back it goes and hopefully I can get something better.