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Micky's Goldface Dirty Deluxe Build

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Well, just in order to prove to myself that I can actually do it, I have decided to build a Dirty Deluxe.
In traditional fashion, it has to be different than everyone else's. Instead of a JTM45 chassis and 50W headbox, I have chosen a Fender Deluxe Reverb chassis, and a blond Fender headbox to house the monster in.

Preliminary research leads me to believe the chassis should be plenty large enough, although the control knob layout may need to be modified. The reasoning for the amp head versus the combo is simple. I have enough combos already.

It looks like this build is gonna take a long time, I don't have nearly the resources and components many others here have. I will need to order many components separately, although I would like to combine as many orders as possible because shipping costs are killing me.

Here is a shot of what I am starting with:

A couple coats on the top and front of the chassis have given it the Royal look, although I DID have a couple runs in the front when I first started spraying... You can see it in the lower right corner:

But anyway, it looks pretty good to start with:

I have assembled a few of the other chassis components, and took a few minutes to install them last night:

Yes, that is gold and brass hardware. It is all I have in order to set this apart from the other builds you may find here. I HAVE to make it look good, because the part you CAN'T see may be a rat's nest of wiring. I don't think I have what it takes like the others here to tidy things up they way they should be, I am more of a functional type of guy where it HAS to look good on the outside, and work well on the inside. How it looks on the inside is second to all that, and with that, I am sure that everyone here will assist in making this thing work like it is supposed to!
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  1. cornhusker86's Avatar
    Looks good.
  2. T-Rex's Avatar
    I just found this "blog". Maybe that's a bad thing for other folks that i'm watching with interest, but I think it's neat !Good job so far !!
  3. Micky's Avatar
    This build is on hold for a bit, I gotta finish up the 5F1 Champ build (other blog entry) so I have room on the table.
    With my screw-up ordering from Triode I have some components in the 'black hole' and need to set this one aside for a bit...
  4. coyotesgator's Avatar
    Nice start.
  5. DirtySteve's Avatar
    AWEEEESOOOOME! Can't wait to start mine! I have no idea at this point where I'll get the chassis from, but I'm like you in that I want mine to be unique. I will probably stick with a head since I haven't had much luck with combos. I'll help any way I can as far as dressing wiring and stuff, just ask. Terry had some great advice for me on my rebuild and I'm sure he can give some pointers better than I can. Point is, don't think you can't make it look good inside as well, it's not that hard, it's just knowing some technique tricks. Good luck brother, I'll be taking notes.
  6. coyotesgator's Avatar
    Looks great!
  7. DirtySteve's Avatar
    No posts since may? Is this on hold or something?
  8. DirtySteve's Avatar
  9. coyotesgator's Avatar

    I'm waiting...
  10. Micky's Avatar
    Yes, this has been on hold. For reasons far too numerous to detail here. PM me for the long story...
    Anyway, the build is back on! I am ready to start putting the bottom of the chassis together, and need ideas and a template!
    Stay tuned...
  11. S÷ulcaster's Avatar
    Good luck Micky,