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Dirty Deluxe Build Continued...

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So after being on hold for a number of reasons, this build is starting to move along again. It really is kinda nice to be able to take my time and go at a pace that may seem painfully slow to many but still remains manageable for me.

So I asked my wife to clear off some space on her craft table so that I could finish up this build undisturbed in a spot other than the kitchen table. She hammed and hawed a bit and then finally surrendered her cherished she-shed. I set up a long power strip and some decent lighting, moved the drill press to a table beside me and collected tools and a couple meters.

I mounted some 2X4 scraps to the chassis thru the mounting holes so I could set it upside down easily without damaging the tubes, turns out the rectifier tube is still a bit big... But anyway the PT is mounted (lay-down ClassicTone model) and all the power and fuse switching is installed. I needed to hog out the power cord strain relief hole a bit in order to get the cable installed, but that all went pretty much like clockwork and now I have 120V power as well as standby B+ voltage wired and connected. The rectifier I would LIKE to use is a 5U4GB, but the only ones I have are huge and don't really allow me to set the amp upside down without a spacer...

Anyway with the rectifier installed and all the PT wiring in place, I got the 6.3V lamp installed and started on the heater wiring for the tube sockets. I need to re-do what I have done, I have a hard time twisting larger AWG cables for this. I may need to move to 22 AWG in order to make it look neat. The main filter cap was a breeze to install, I have a set of Greenlee conduit punches and combined with a cordless impact wrench it takes only a couple minutes to pop out a proper sized hole in the chassis, no matter how thick it is! The B+ voltage increased considerably when I got it wired up, so the 5U4 may be useable after all.

I had to construct a staking too in order to get the turretboard prepared. Not a big deal really, except I had loaned my car to my son while he waits for an alternator belt for his. I found a 1/2"X2" bolt and drilled the appropriate sized hole, found a couple washers and mounted it to my drill press as the anvil. I used a 5/16" tap as the swaging tool, and after laying out the template and drilling the appropriate sized holes, I started to populate the board with turrets. Here are the photos so far:

This is the drilled turretboard

This is the turretboard somewhat finished and ready for mounting & components:

And here is how it will look inside the chassis: (sorry for the OOF photo...)
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    I forgot about this blog section. Cool to see pics!

    I honestly don't know what this blog thing is all about. Why not just post this on the main forum? I can't even give you a "like".